(Editor's Note:  with well over 100 prospects to report on from this one huge weekend tourney, Red Line Junior can not give complete and in-depth reports in this space on every single prospect, so we have condensed our notes down to fit in the maximum number of kids possible. Here are our abridged reports. The next update will include full scouting profiles on our top 25 rated prospects for the 2005 OHL Priority Selection.)


Markham Waxers
#    Name
96 Brad Fleishman — Small, but very quick.  Competes pretty well. Makes sharp turns and uses his edges smoothly.
Kyle Moore — Good size.  Thick.  Strong skater with great balance. Competes well and drives hard to net.
18 Steve Stamkos ('90 birthdate) — Lacks size, but is very smart with the puck.  Intelligent and gritty with quick hands and feet.
Cody Hodgson ('90 birthdate) — Smallish frame. Extremely quick feet and very good with the puck on his stick, but not much use without it.
19 Josh Domingues — Captain and leader. Good size, excellent puck pursuit, and like to chirp at opposition a lot - gets under opponents' skin.
66 Garrett Trainor — A real wide body type.  Thickly built defender is aggressive; hits everything that moves. But many of his hits come at the expense of positioning - takes himself out of the play looking for hits.
Paul Lennox — Decent sized RD.  Overhandles the puck and his skating stride is a bit stiff. Hits hard, but only a fair skater.
30 German Tsatsura — Huge goalie blots out the sun.  Butterfly style but gets a bit sloppy at times, gives up rebounds.  Lateral movement a bit slow and stiff.  Inexperienced at this level but has some upside.

94 Chris Paul — Decent size.  Competes well, goes hard to net - not a great skater, though.
11 Steven Koufis — Can absolutely flat-out fly - great wheels, but did not show us much of anything else.
74 Kyle Ramsay — Has a fair amount of size and grit. Likes to chirp and is a real agitator.
95 David Johnson — Huge and bullish. Powerful - goes hard to net and can't be stopped. Competes very well.  Mediocre skating speed hurts him, though he has great balance and is powerful on his skates.
19 Marcus Carroll — Captain and coach’s kid. Has NHL bloodlines.  Always has his head up looking for plays. Plays a bit too much on the perimetre for our liking.
89 Nick Holmberg — Good sized LD.  Not overly physical, prefers to angle opponents off the puck.  Passing skills are weak.
96 Ian Doherty — Huge, raw RD is very awkward and lacks leg strength.  Stiff on his skates.  Hard but inaccurate shot. Could be a decent project-type.
81 Eric Nottbeck — Average sized goalie is patient and stays squared up to shooters.
30 David Jenkins — Goaltender has a nice, tight butterfly style, but goes down too early and is a poor puckhandler.

Justin Taylor — Captain.  Thickly built and a hard worker.  Has good wheels and competes well.
15 Adam Zamec — Always looks to shoot first - needs to distribute the puck more.
12 Jordan Skellett — Decent sized LC.  Choppy stride but very quick. Never cheats you on effort level - goes 100 % every second of every shift.
14 Leigh Salters — Huge LW.  Excellent skater with balance and power.  Quick stick and a good skill set.  Not a physical player. If you can get him to use his frame more, look out; if not… another Matt Maccarone.
18 Andrew Wilson — RW with good size and physical tools. Good skater with a fluid stride.
19 Drew Doughty — RD has good size, but got pushed around in front by smaller forwards.  Stiff in the hips with his turns.
30 Jordan Smith — Decent sized goalie has rebound control issues.

Thunder Bay
12 Dustin Fummerton — Wee little gnat always has engine revving on high.  Competes well, goes hard to net, and bulls his way past bigger and stronger defenders.  Good lateral quickness.
16 Kyle Tront — Tall and lanky. Kind of a knock-kneed skater, but he gets there. Strong on the puck; keeps his feet moving in traffic. Needs to give up the puck sooner.  Must fill out his frame and get stronger.
11 Travis Oleksuk — Has a cannon of a shot. Captain drives the net well and works ok, but got little accomplished.
Chris Bewski — Tall, lanky LW is all arms and legs - thin, lacks strength. Willing to hit, but carries stick and elbows high.
15 Robert Bortuzzo — Big RD is physically weak and struggles with turns.
Tyler Arps — Big d-man has a huge frame. Tall but thin; lacks coordination. Poor outlet passes and overhandles the puck.  Would describe him as an awkward stork - he may turn out to be a player, but patience will be required.
Brad Pawlowski — Excellent sized RD. Good skater. Very poised with the puck. Loses positioning looking for big hits.  Hard shot and will jump into the rush - but is not very smart. Mitch Maunu clone, with the same warts.
Alex Dupuis — Flopper of a goalie - overcommits.  Always seems to be swimming in traffic.

North Central
No players to report on.

Chicago Mission
Zack Kolbas — If he was only 5’9”….     Love his fire.  Competes all the time.  Built like a fireplug.  Quick and aggressive, good finisher around the net. Little bundle of energy always involved; unafraid.
Derek Kotlar — Small goalie but very active. Quick feet and glove.  Sturdy in heavy traffic. Makes big saves.

Ottawa Sting
Matt Dawdy — Decent sized LW. Quick, great acceleration - gets to top gear in a couple strides.  Captain.  Tricky with the puck. Very sharp stops/starts and change of direction. Will create contact. Fights through checks. Had a very impressive weekend; one of the better players in Whitby, especially considering his team overall is very weak.
19 Jeff Hayes — Little centre has lots of energy; feisty; competes well.
10 Luke McBride — Huge winger with slow feet and no acceleration. Doesn’t play very physically.
Christian Farquhar — Lefty goaltender goes down early and doesn’t handle traffic well.
30 Kyle Khan — Has good demeanor for a goalie - calm.  Stand-up style. Sloppy and a poor skater.

Toronto Red Wings
93 Mike Bodley — Good sized RW.  Selfish - holds onto puck way too long.
Louie Caporusso — Left winger has excellent hands/moves.  Not quick, but gets there.  Has the ability to draw defenders to him and then make a play. Very smart with the puck.
88 Matthew Meszaros — huge, wide kid; very thick
97 Andrew Cox — average size, but thin build; very quick feet; great edges
71 Andrew Merret — great size; real battler; goes hard to net
Andrew Shorkey — ok size; gets lost in own end
Jake Dejulio — good size; horrible feet; poor stops/starts; fishing one-on-one; poor positionally; doesn’t think well
16 Nick Ciampini — good sized LD; heavy feet; lazy with puck; lazy period
Tyler Corneau — stocky LD; stiff; can’t move feet well
Zack Fenwick — good sized LD; poor positionally; doesn’t communicate well
44 Trevor Hall — ok size; no real puck skills
33 Daniel Pleckaitis — decent sized goalie; tight butterfly; commits early

Hamilton Bulldogs
26 Anthony Ruberto — Lacks size but exudes great effort. Easy to see why he's captain material.  Has excellent wheels with speed, balance, and acceleration.
89 Stevan Manojlovic — Huge kid. Horrible skater with zero acceleration.
19 Josh McQuade — Has a goal scorer’s mentality. Pitbull with good balance. Has a heavy shot with a quick release. Lacking some size, but it won't prevent him from getting himself into good shooting position in scoring territory.
97 David Vallorani — Small centre competes very well. He's a quick skater who edges well and is not afraid to get his nose dirty in high traffic areas.  Controls the puck well in tight spaces.
Paul Cianfrini — Defenceman has good size with a thick, solid build and a wide base. Hits hard and often. Looks to force the play so he does make some mistakes and gets caught out of position, but the effort is there and he's a strong skater.
17 Devin Thomson — Plays both wing and defence.  Tall and thin.  Starts are painfully slow.
44 Mitch Gaulton — LD gives up position too easily.
15 Jordan Gallea — RD is big and strong with a wide base.  Hits and likes to carry the puck, but is not real effective at it and gets himself in trouble at times.  Competes. Doesn't have great lateral agility, but is fine straight ahead.
Kevin Christmas — Excellent build - long and lanky. Long, smooth stride and is a pretty fair skater for his size. Fluid turns and transitions well.  Needs to learn to separate after tying up his man, gets caught up in traffic too much in his own end. Makes good outlet passes.  Not overly physical.

33 Mike Murphy — Big goalie who uses huge equipment. Quick pads/legs. A bit scrambly at times, but stops the puck. Reminds RL Jr. a bit of Josh Unice in style, though not quite on his level - still a pretty fair goaltending propsect.
Jamie Arniel — RC with NHL bloodlines (son of Scott). Captain is a late DOB and has lots of time to round out the edges in his game. Has good tools and attitude.   Competed very hard, but had little help from teammates.
Marc Andre Bouchard — LW with average size. Solid skater uses edges crisply. Competes well; motor is always running.
16 Eric Lanciault — Big boy played both up on RW and back on defence.  Hits hard and often, and picks his spots well. Skating is just average. Because of aggressive physical nature and stiffness in hips, we project him better at forward.

Markham Islanders
(lost my team roster sheet…not as much info)
14 Miller — good size; long and fluid stride; goes to net well; competes; poor passes
96 Colwill — captain; ok size with wide, thick build; powerful stride with acceleration and speed; hustles; always a good effort; very good prospect
29 Matt Smyth — tall and lanky; drives to net; short stride but very quick; drives defense back with speed; didn’t show me lots of finish; still an excellent prospect
15 Casaluce — smallish but very aggressive; unafraid; quick feet
Terry- decent sized centre; creative; pretty good skating
77 DeBiew — thick and wide; slow reactions; caught up ice; goes deep in offensive end and forgets defensive responsibilities
McIntosh — quick stick; handles tough passes
Brand — struggled with traffic in front; positional play a question mark; good effort
10 Borges — smallish d-man; stiff turns; beaten wide with speed; effort is good
81 Subban — hard accurate shot; gets it on net; smooth skater with speed; not great outlets; works well in own end,; great job on 5-on-3 PK
Strang — average size; very stiff movements; unimpressive

68 Aaron Palushaj — Great size with a wide base.  Strong skater and a natural goal scorer, but spent too much time on the perimetre here.
10 Anthony Schooley — Super-skilled forward had the dangles going big time. Great skater - quick, sharp change of direction and can make all of his slick moves at top speed.  Loves to have the puck on his stick down low, and usually does something creative with it.
Christian Steingraber — Big blue-liner is such a smooth skater with crisp edges/turns.  Solid outlet passer. Needs to get much stronger in his own end - upper body strength is lacking at this stage. Needs to improve decision-making and shot.
93 Bradley Phillips — huge goaltender with big equipment; movements are just ok, a bit slow and stiff, but size makes up for some lack of athleticism; flexibility has improved throughout year; makes some huge saves at key moments; a pretty solid prospect
44 Spencer Heichman — Yeah, he’s a WHL property, but we love the way the little guy just flat out competes so hard that we had to mention him. Not physical or in-your-face, but he’s always on the puck and will play in traffic against anyone. Stick is bigger than he is.  Quick release; opportunistic.  If some of the big guys would compete like him, they’d be superstars.
7    Eric Artman — Skilled d-man loves to move up on the attack with the puck. Lacks some size and strength but competes. Completely lacking in defensive responsibility.  Can't ignore the great wheels.
11 Chris Dyer — Never going to be a top-liner, but is a gritty 3rd-line prospect.  Does a lot of the little things that often go unnoticed, but help win games.  Battles for loose pucks, is good on faceoffs, willing to give up the body on PK. Solid skater with quickness and speed.

Toronto Marlies
91 John Tavares — ('90 birthdate).  Underager is easily, hands down the best player here.  He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Unbelievable combination of size, speed, power, skill, balance and will to win.  Has it all - would be #1 overall pick this year if he were eligible.
Bryan Cameron — Captain has quick hands and feet. Competes well; ultra-aggressive; nice sized frame.  A top two round pick in our book.
Akim Aliu — Bounced again back-and-forth between F and D.  Excellent size. Good straight-ahead skating stride. Very strong - loves contact, drives the net hard.  Puck skills are not great; he's better off as a puck-pursuit winger.
17 Scott Walling — Huge kid is a stiff skater who lacks leg strength - lumbers. He's a project. Can really lean into a wicked snapshot.
16 Tyler Forbes — Good size.  A pretty fair player with a smooth stride who gets overlooked on a team full of stars.
18 Patrick Daley — Thick winger who goes up-and-down the walls.  Good wheels,  strong on the puck, and looks to initiate contact.  Quick release on dangerous snapshot.
89 Eric Rubino — Smallish RW is very gritty and abrasive. Great balance; takes and gives hits well and always keeps feet moving.
Aaron Atwell — Smallish defender, but has a thick build and a great, wide base.  Makes crisp stops/cuts/turns.  Efficient but not outstanding passer. Good defensive skills and
15 Steven Tarasuk — average size; strong with good leverage; pushes guys around; struggles one-on-one
10 Wilson Ngai — Intriguing prospect has great size and is an effortless skater with speed. Turns well.  Slow decisions with puck; don’t think he’ll ever amount to the player he could be with his physical talents.  Despite size, lacks a physical component to his game and is not great with the puck - very frustrating for us.
20 Kori Coelho — Smallish goalie is stiff in his movements and a mediocre skater.  Also a horrible puckhandler.

61 Cory Shody — Huge goalie has fairly quick pads for a big guy, but has real bad  rebound issues.
44 Adam Little — Barely adequate size, though he is wide and thick.  Poor puck skills - gets spooked by checking pressure.
Jim Hutchinson — Good size.  Stiff legged skater.  Aggressive; likes to throw his weight around and dishes out some hard hits.
16 Adam Jones — Smallish centre competes well; throws some good hits and is not afraid of traffic.
19 Joel Reed — Small, with quick feet and hands.
15 Lane MacDermid — Decent size, poor balance.

Harry Young — Great size.  Straight-ahead skating stride has some power and is pretty good for a big kid, but lacks agility - turns and pivots need work. Makes decent outlets. Aggressive; could be a player in time.
16 Dave Sharpe — Smallish d-man is very aggressive and likes to jump up into play, but gets caught up ice plenty. If he has a growth spurt, might be a player.

14 Michael Neal — Big, lanky LW hits everything that moves. Good skater and has a safe OHL pedigree as his brother, James, is pretty fair OHL rookie.
Michael Cudmore — Average size. Lots of speed and hustle and great in puck pursuit.
Nathan Bouillon — LD and captain. Great speed/acceleration.  Likes to force the  action at both ends. Loves to join the rush and has recovery speed. Ultra aggressive attitude and hits hard.
12 Adam Hurley — Great sized frame to fill out - tall and lanky.  Straight-ahead skating is ok, turns and pivots need lots of work - but that should come with leg strength. A nice long-term project.

12 Thomas Stajcer — LD with good size who works hard. Has excellent balance.
Kory Mortimer — LD likes to hit.  Average height but thick build
19 Taylor Puim — Huge, but did not notice him much other than his size, but will get a better read in next viewing.

Belle Tire
30 Jeremy Smith — best player on the team; excellent goaltender with quick reflexes; comes up big; quick laterally; sharp glove; excellent on odd-man rushes and breakaways
Dan Stanisz — turns bad; puck is a hand grenade; runs around constantly in own end
Nick Prince — smooth skater; struggled in own end big-time; pivots not great
Caleb Myers — always behind play and caught up ice; bad decisions; panics

Mississauga Senators
13 Daniel Lombardi — most dynamic player at tournament, with the exception of Tavares; unbelievable wheels; works his ass off in offensive end, but lazy coming back at times and floats for home-run outlet; hits everything in sight; abrasive in-your-face style; forces defense with speed; chirps; needs to calm down a bit; tourney MVP
19 Jason McDonough — lazy on defense; big wide circles; not a very sharp skater; overrated
62 Dale Mitchell — average size but very strong on skates; ultra aggressive; needs to control emotions; opportunistic; excellent effort
14 Geoff Guimond — decent size; nasty; elbows and sticks high behind play; feisty; talented
16 Ian Meagher — huge raw kid; awkward skater but gets there; plays physically
Christopher MacKinnon — smallish; quick; good skater; nice snapshot going against grain off wrong foot for goal; honest effort
95 Reggie Traccito — stiff and slow; totally out of sync; unimpressive before injuring right knee and missing rest of tournament that I saw
Jeff Amadio — good size; smooth stride; not overly quick; decent passer; competes; lacks puck poise; panics
63 Kevin Mole — captain; decent size; rarely noticeable, which is not a bad thing for a defensive minded d-man; skating is ok; turns/pivots ok
92 Brandon Andrade — lanky d-man; stiff skater; needs work on turns and pivots; competes ok
84 Alex Ceci — no size at all but competes better than any of the other Sens d-men; hits everything; nasty in front of own net; ultra-aggressive; moves puck efficiently
28 Trevor Cann — big goalie with huge pads; moves pretty well laterally for a big guy; comes up huge when needed; money goalie; very good prospect.