Red Line Junior's Top 60: Full Scouting Profiles









1 AAA Nick Petrecki LD Capital District Jr A 2 6'2 192
Solid physically loves to hit, very smart, high panic point, first guy in corner, jumps in, aggressive; one of the best players on the ice playing against 20-year olds; tough; physical; outstanding outlet passes, NHL quality right now; hard shot and gets it on net; came back from devastating-looking knee-on-knee hit one period later; mentally and physically strong; will play in the OHL if the situation is right; poised beyond his age; tremendous prospect

2 AAA Tristan Llewellyn RD Indiana Ice USHL 3 6'2 188
Perfect size, takes 1 hand off stick too much, looks to hurt guys, heavy shot, strong kid, bad discipline at times, great feet, forces the action in all three zones; has all the tools; playing a lot against high-level older competition; long, powerful stride with quickness and acceleration; ultra aggressive; physical presence; needs to read situations a bit better; Confident with the puck, loves to lug it up ice. Excellent mobility, sees ice well and makes crisp outlets. Hard and accurate shot; plays mean; earning a reputation already as a 15-year old in USHL; verbal commitment to Michigan for 2007

3 AAA Samuel Gagner RC Toronto Marlies 9 5'10 177
Very smart, potential captain, excellent defensively, great on draws, good leadership; extremely patient with the puck; gives and receives passes effortlessly; talented, hard-working, NHL bloodlines; great prospect; spins off contact well; knows where to be and what to do when he gets the puck; vision, thinks two seconds ahead of everyone else; great hands in tight; taking his game up several notches; word is he's heading stateside and will play for Sioux City of the USHL next year before going NCAA

4 AAA Logan Couture LC St. Thomas Jr B 77 6'0 180
Offensive guy, deadly from the circles down very quick release, great hands, tremendous acceleration, very smart and aware defensively, excellent on the PP; strong stride with excellent change of direction; soft hand; very creative and slick; responsible in all zones; not very physical, but doesn't shy away from traffic; unbelievably good skater; glides with grace and power; competes entire shift; can receive tough passes; excellent distributor; will be even better playing with better players; great saucer passes; will likely go first overall to Oshawa unless John Tavares is allowed into the draft

5 AAA Zack Torquato LW Stratford Jr B 22 5'10 170
Always played against older kids, great playmaker, great decisions with the puck, skating is OK but not great, tremendous distribution skills, creates offence, excellent stick skills, will score a ton, tremendously quick stick; great vision and hockey sense; doesn't wow you with skills but just efficently gets job done; not overly physical but not shy; gets involved; defensive game is coming around a bit but not his strong suit

6 AAA Nigel Williams LD TI Major Midget 16 88-A 6'3 210
Great stick skills, passes it like a pro, loves to jump up, physical, not afraid of anybody, huge upside; potential dominating power forward or defenseman; very versatile; excellent stick skills; powerful, intimidating; always looking to force the play from the point; heavy shot; lacking in positional defensive skills; played with US U-17 in Slovakia; may be headed to US U-18 next season; verballed with Wisconsin

7 AAA Kevin Shattenkirk RD Brunswick 8 5'11 178
Offensive D, Loves to jump in, gap control needs work, good size, 4th forward, good offensive tools, loses his man defensively at times; getting stronger and thicker; effortless skater with acceleration and flat out speed; does whatever he wants with the puck; potential superstar; complete game is rounding out well; much more physical than this summer; great anticipation;smart; aware; very strong on stick; would be a big surprise if he went OHL route; offered by U-17 NTDP

8 AAA Ian Cole LD Victory Honda Maj 28 6'1 202
Great pivot, excellent passing skills, very calm, smart with the puck, loves to join rush, occassionally looked bored, hits very hard, stud; Tremendously calm with the puck, smooth and always under control. Handles the puck vey well, makes smart decisions in the offensive end and passes the puck like a pro - crisp, accurate outlets. Excellent timing in jumping off the point; verbal commitment to the US NTDP in January; maybe the best defenseman in the MWEHL major midget loop as a 15-year old; can put it in cruise control because it's so easy for him at this level; progress as season went on levelled off a bit but still a big-time prospect; looks to be an NCAA candidate

9 AAA Mark Katic LD Timmins Midget 23 5'11 185
Great ice awareness, tremendous hockey sense, very strong on the puck, understands game better then most coaches, strong legs, great acceleration, reverse pivot is superb, good gap control, best passer in the 89 group, simply dominates, incredible lateral movement; very coachable, responsible and mature; sometimes tries to do too much; will benefit from finishing season with Tier 2 Abitibi Eskis; wouldn't be too surprised if he were #1 overall pick, depending on the team; broken ankle in playoffs and will not finish in Tier 2; should be back on skates in May

10 AAA Luke Pither LC Clarington 11 6' 170
Slick, excellent on draws and knows where to win them, strong legs get him to loose pucks, quick hands, quick stick helps him score, crafty and good imagination, strong stick, very slick; good size; strong stride; skilled; good hands with quick stick; powerful; very good player; tremendous sniper; only needs a little room to operate; always dangerous; has alot of the offensive game qualities David Legwand had

11 AAA Matt Smyth LC Markham Islanders 29 5'10 165
Excellent acceleration, short stride but great quickness; puts tremendous pressure on defenses with speed; great hands, excellent vision, great demeanor, thick kid, mean with stick, uses edges well, scorer mentality, looks bored at times, strong on wall, Rocket shot; can be nonexistent for long periods then explode; four-goal game in leading team to upset over Marlies in finals of Marlies tournament, including OT winner; separation speed; star potential; had wrist broken on a Daniel Lombardi slash in January; shoud return in time for the OHL Cup; did play in OHL Cup and US NTDP Camp; very inconsistent but explosive; releases from defensive zone early, when he goes into the defensive zone at all; does squat all game and then wires NHL-calibre snapshot top shelf

12 AAA Jake Muzzin LD Brantford 11 6'2 200
Huge shot, very physical ultra aggressive; downright mean at times;, feet are getting much better, thick kid, very strong physically, improving dramatically, looking to carry the puck more, physically man-handles guys, becoming poised and confident, fast rising; jumps into offense smartly; great gaps; erases opponents; needs work on puck poise; throws very good breakout pass; needs to work on separation better; still raw and needs lots of time and refinement but great combination of size/strength/aggression

13 AAA Wilson Ngai RD Toronto Marlies 10 6'2 175
Getting bigger, looked disinterested at times, nice long fluid stride, passes well, very calm, doesn't look to have much offensive upside, not overly physical; looked much better at Marlies tourney; moves puck quickly; the longer it's on his stick, the more that can go wrong; solid but unspectacular; if he can find a physical edge to his game could be a great one; can be a very solid guy if he keeps it simple

14 AAA Bryan Cameron RW/RC Toronto Marlies 3 5'11 170
Very smart, smart defensively, great leg strength, strong on puck, shields it well, nice hands, goes hard both ways; solid contributor; may never be a star but is future captain material and will contribute in all situations; a winner; quick stick; skills are very good; ultra aggressive; quick hands and feet; great change of direction; makes plays at full speed; has to watch his tie-ups after faceoffs

15 AAA Mike Cieslak RW Rochester/McQuaid 16 6'2 170
Nice finish, needs to go hard all the time, great patience, good body position, great frame and going to get better; playing HS hockey not helping; excellent wheels though stride isn't classicly smooth; lazy on the backcheck; accelerates well; good hands; shields puck well driving to net; wants the puck; a bit selfish; doesn't bear down all the time

16 AAA Nicholas Palmieri RW Northwood Prep 23 6'1 214
Big strong power winger; controls puck well down low; snaps off heavy wrister; feet a bit heavy at this point but a real powerhouse; a bit chubby cheeked so footwork and skating should pick up with conditioning; drives right through all attempted checks; dominates below circle; very good hands; gets dropped back to the point on PP as triggerman; great personal character; shields puck well with body; first few steps are a bit slow but ok straight ahead once he's going; excellent upside

17 AAA Yves Bastien LC North Bay Jr A 18 5'9 150
Very skilled, smart defensively, feisty, not afraid, patient; now playing on top lines with more skilled players and numbers are reflecting it; has elevated his game of late to match the skills of his older and more experienced mates; skilled; tremendous wheels; deadly around net; can handle rough and tumble play against older competition; Tier 2 captain at age 15

18 AAA Matthew Thurber LW Madison Caps MM 12 5'9 170
Nasty piece of work, pure finisher, tenacious on forecheck, competes every shift, thick through the hips, strong along the wall; smooth powerful stride; not very big but solid build; hit everything; always on the puck; wins battles against larger players; great stops/starts; very competitive; stunning he didn't get NTDP camp invite, seems tailor-made to their game; 4.0 student should be NCAA-bound

19 AAA Christian Steingraber LD Detroit Honeybaked 5 5'11 175
Great jump, nice hands, tremendous gap control, great feel for the game, punishing hitter, pins very well, very solid player, shields puck on PP well, needs a little defensive fine-tuning; once he gets physically stronger could be dynamite; smart; reads plays well; fantastic skater; edges well with crisp turns and pivots; smooth as silk; no NTDP camp invite; may be 6' already

20 AAA John Albert LC Cleveland Major M 10 5'10 165
Very good patience, very slippery, tough to hit, quick stick, pretty light, distributes well, good little player; will produce big numbers whichever route he chooses; USA program after him in a big way; quick feet; very heady player; great stops and starts; accepted NTDP invite

21 AAA CJ Severyn LW Pittsburgh Hornets 18 6'1 165
Great frame, very smooth, excellent stick skills, finishes checks, uses body to shield puck, excellent looking prospect, getting more poised and confident every week, shifts are too long, hits hard, good core strength; development starting to suffer a bit playing for poor team; has to play way too much with little to no help; could be moving to Hornets major midgets soon; being pursued by OHL and NTDP; very good at US NTDP camp; solid on forecheck; excellent hand-eye; gets a bit lackadaisical at times; strong on puck, excellent forechecking; offered by U-17 and has accepted

22 AAA Drew Doughty LD London 19 6'0 185
Smart, very capable, gets his shot through, great skills, needs to be more consistent, could be a star; transition skating needs work; runs around in own end at times; can really lug it up the ice; great puck poise, low panic point; jumps into offense effectively and efficiently; power play QB; a bit of a "young buck", wild and out of control but powerful; needs work on the defensive end of the game; takes lots of chances; own zone play not his strong suit

23 AAA Robert Bortozzo LD Thunder Bay 15 6'2 163
Offensive guy, excellent feet, can be a defensive liability, takes high risk/high reward chances; good potential; needs to get physically stronger; pretty fair skater, long stride, ok turning; could be very good when he finishes filling out

24 AAA Michael Pelech LC St. Mikes Jr A 27 6'0 175
Good size, uses body, quick stick, not afraid, smart defensively; not overly physical, but lacks overall strength right now; great frame that can fill out; does little things well; ties up man, wins faceoffs; goes to net; will play and be a steady, if unspectacular, contributor

25 AAA Drew Schiestel LD Hamilton Reps 13 6'0 165
Great patience, good stick skills, uses body well, quick shot, patient, needs to get stronger, gets lazy at times, not afraid to join the rush; solid feet; presses action; overhandles and takes lots of chances; loves to go with it; soft in own zone; high risk/reward; disrupts passing lanes, gets his stick on alot of passes; defensive gap control ok but susceptible to outside speed, especially to the right wing side

26 AAA Matt Rust LC Honeybaked Major 98 5'10 172
Strong on his skates, excellent 1 on 1 skills, pure finisher, star quality, very good change of pace, competes when he wants to, weak in his own end; can dominate when he wants to; great acceleration; quick stick; creates contact; doesn't always battle; heading to US NTDP, already committed; turns it off and on; when he does compete hard, he's outstanding; plays a physical style despite his lack of size, but can come back to bite him with injuries, as he did at NTDP camp hurting shoulder

27 AAA Brad Pawlowski RD Thunder Bay 5 6'1 165
Pro style defenseman, very physical, reminds us of Mitch Maunu, very feisty, intimidates guys, safe pick, strong on his stick; quick heavy snapshot; handles puck well but overhandles it too much; looks to make big open ice hits; needs to make better decisions; good size; puck poise; loses positioning; bad decisions; low percentage passes; nice scrap at OHL Cup, showed mean streak; plays defense too much with his hands

28 AAA Colby Cohen RD Syracuse Jr A 23 6'2 176
Decent outlet passes, not afraid, gets shot off, makes some poor decisions, caught on wrong side of puck often, good stride, needs to tighten turns/pivots; gets caught flat-footed too often; communicates well; struggles with oncoming speed; choppy stride; gets caught up ice alot; needs lots of patience, time and coaching; has some upside but right now leaves us wanting more; easily pushed off puck; caught up ice causing 3-on-0 the other way; poor decisions; always wanting to pinch, usually at inopportune times; needs to get smarter; not great in front of his own net; dangerous in all three zones no matter which team has the puck

29 AAA Joe Gaynor LW Stratford Jr B 25 6'2 175
Good size, up and down winger, good player; big kid with good straight ahead skating; stops/starts well; wide frame; competes; skill set ok; gets to net, but needs to fight for it a bit more; hustles in all three zones; honest player; good complementary player; not sure about the smarts; if you think he can score at the major junior level, take him alot higher (we have our doubts)

30 AAA Akim Aliu RW Toronto Marlies 8 6'2 175
Needs to stick to a position; can be an up and down winger; might better as a defenseman because he can bring alot of tools to the table but is more a sure thing up front; strong in front, great frame, questionable decisions; not natural hands; excellent size/strength; hits hard and often; drives the net with or without the puck; ultra aggressive; not highly skilled but hard working; serious leg injury (reportedly severed achilles tendon) suffered early in OHL Cup could scare teams away

31 AAA Chris Terry LC Markham Islanders 7 5'10 165
Great jump; finds open ice; very shifty hands; creative; works hard; solid passer; quick; hits; not selfish; very good prospect; much more physical game as season progressed; outstanding at OHL Cup; smooth skater, very fluid stride; really had the dangle going; improved tremendously over the course of the season; quick release

32 AAA Jordan Skellett LC London 12 5'11 170
Wide and thick; good strength; effort excellent; solid skater, wide base, good acceleration, a bit of a choppy stride but still has quickness; leadership and skill shone in playoff run and at OHL Cup; pro release; scored goals no netminder could stop; puck poise; always on the puck; smart; unselfish; very good finisher

33 AAA Ryan Schnell LW Team Illinois MM 18 6'3 211
Big kid, choppy 1st strides, like a freight train, goes to the net and he can't be moved, strong along the wall, upper body strength is impressive, power forward, strong on his skates; reads play pretty well; lacking quick burst skating speed; not improving at the rate we'd anticipated earlier this year but still could be a real player; rolled over everyone at NTDP camp; a beast on the wall down low, but showed no finish; outstanding powerful long stride but lacks acceleration; was very good at US U-18 National Championships, very involved; establishes position down low on PP; tough to move

34 AAA Dan Kelly RD Pembroke Jr A 23 6'2 170
Great at jumping into the rush, very strong upper body, well coached, good positionally, takes the stick away, finishes every check; good skater with quickness; positioning not great; overcommits; tape-to-tape first passes; not consistent yet; still has very good long term upside

35 AAA James Van Riemsdyk LC/LW Brick 21 6'2 175
Beautiful long stride, excellent patience, quick release, needs to fill out, sweet hands, strong on his skates, needs to compete a little harder, tough to see him; very good skater; smooth long stride; goes to the net; not overly physical; soft on "d"; very raw; very good with the puck, sometimes looks lost without it; saucer passes; strong on stick; good stops/starts; needs to start challenging himself more if he wants to be a player; looks like he'll end up in Ann Arbor with the U-17s

36 AAA Zach Harnden LW Thunder Bay 17 6'2.5 180
Missed almost entire season with an injury, returned in early February; was a dominating player in lower minor hockey; back for OHL Cup; excellent size; skating solid, long stride; prototype power forward body; good hands; competes pretty well; needs to use his size more; not overly physical; shields puck well; good hands in tight; fights through stick checks; long reach

37 AAA Michael Colwill RW Markham Islanders 96 5'11 185
Great vision, good decision-making, plays hard, needs to share the puck, nice scoring hands, attitude is scary, hard to coach, lacks willingness to listen; wide and thick build; powerful stride; hustles; good skills; team captain; scored SHG while two-men down at OHL Cup due to willingness to block shots on PK; plays with passion and resolve

38 AAA Jesse Schamott LD Couchiching Jr A 24 6'1 165
Needs to get stronger, very calm with the puck, good outlet pass, keeps it simple; being brought along slowly and safely; put in easy positions with veteran partners; nothing fancy but will be a decent #3 in time; does everything ok but doesn't stand out in any category; looks lost at times in own end; patience is a key

39 AAA Daryl Borden G Brantford 1 6'2.5 180
Prototypical goaltender frame, uses huge equipment, handles the puck like Brodeur, covers a lot of net, very poised, opens up in butterfly at times; lefty; big wide pads; lightning-quick legs; active; blots out the net; not much for shooters to see; very good recoverability; controls rebounds well; great poise

40 AAA Scott Timmins LC Hamilton Reps 9 5'11 165
Very good hands, does things at high speed, gets up and down ice quick; competes like a bastard; plays with a nasty edge; hits hard; will drop the mitts; could be something when he gets a bit stronger; good skills, creative; great vision/passing skills; responsible in own end; lots of jam; uses speed and physicality to get by or through defense; very good puckhandler; dangerous on nearly every shift

41 AAA Josh Moes RW St. Catherines 18 6'3 225
Great frame; goes hard to the net; takes shifts and/or games off; big, wide circles instead of stops/starts; lazy at times; pro-style frame and skills; left Jr B to return to minor midgets; can dominate at times but very inconsistent; absolutely erases guys when he wants to; plays a ton; cannon of a shot with quick release; boom or bust type; huge upside

42 AAA Matthew Dawdy LW/LC Ottawa Sting 9 6'0 180
Good size, excellent wheels, competes every shift, good hands, leadership potential; great acceleration; top gear in a couple strides; tricky with puck; works well without puck; finds open ice; fights through checks; excellent passer; needs to shoot it a bit more; injury during playoffs limited his effectiveness; overall an excellent player

43 AAA Teddy Ruth LD Chi Mission Major 5 6'0 173
Great forecheck awareness, little awkward, great outlet passes, decent vision, angles well, good frame; vulnerable to outside, as turning is not crisp; lacks some defensive awareness; very good when puck is on the stick; steadier at Northwood Tourney, cut down on mistakes and risky decisions we've seen in the past; still willing to move up into play; strange that he has such good straight-ahead skating but his lateral/turns/pivots aren't great so he is still vulnerable to outside speed ; much improved over the season

44 AAA Dan Durham RC Team Illinois Major 15 5'9 160
Unbelievable feet, great on PK, tremendous acceleration, needs to get bigger, controls puck/passes well, competes hard, good distribution, potential star; excellent hand-eye coordination; soft at times; bad body language; excellent shot with quick release, gets away heavy snap shot going against the grain; great wheels with quick burst and extra gear; fighting through traffic better; still inconsistent at the major midget level, especially along the wall

45 AAA Simon Lacroix LD Cumberland Jr A 7 5'11 162
Missed the first half of the season with injury; still growing; good skater, strong on the puck; good hockey sense; excellent positioning, is always in the right spot; likes to jump into rush, though he needs to pick his spots better; solid passer; smart; needs to work on taking his man out of the play along the boards

46 AAA Corey Syvret LD Cambridge Jr B 5 6'1 165
Good skills, mean in front, quick release, not afraid; struggled with one-on-one defense; slow reactions to situations; makes pretty decent first pass; low panic point; not going to be a star but may be a contributor; ahead of his brother's curve at this point but still has a long way to go

47 AAA Andrew Wilson RW London 18 6'1 160
Excellent size; good frame; lacking strength right now; very good skater; quick feet; smart in offensive end; great shot, heavy and accurate; dangerous down low; competes ok; good vision, soft hands; shields puck well; good upside; drives to the net; needs to be stronger on the stick; is improving his strength and ability to fight off checkers; playing much more aggressively

48 AAA Josh Bailey LC Clarington 10 6'0 165
Excellent vision, loves the start-stop move, tremendous stick skills, tries to do too much at times, captain, hard to handle 1 on 1; gritty; hard working; smart; very creative passes; solid in all three zones; warrior

49 AAA Chad Beal LC/LW Wexford 8 6'1 215
Wide frame; huge kid; powerful, hits hard; great strength; wants the puck; makes things happen; runaway train at times; tends to overhandle puck; prototype power forward

50 AAA Brandon Perry LC Kingston Jr. A 16 5'10 165
Slick, team captain before leaving midgets, quick stick, smart, good leadership; lacking physical strength; left Timmins in January for Kingston Jr A; has first-round skills, can be a very good player with added strength; needs to compete a bit better; has defensive concepts and is responsible on defense but needs to be more committed to it; needs to drive the net more; lack of assertiveness at times; will throw solid hard hits

51 AAA Trea Higgins RD St. Louis 12 6'4 195
Great upside; little raw; excellent first pass and has some offensive upside; monster frame; potential pro; rumours of baggage; puck poise much better; long stride; long reach; good balance; bounces off hits; aggressive

52 AAA Brendan Smith LC/LD Toronto Marlies 14 6'0 150
Really came on at OHL Cup; some like him as high first rounder; good size, room to grow; skating ok; lots of upside; got better when he moved to defense full-time, seems much more comfortable; likes to jump into rush; good skating with long fluid stride; some bad decision-making, though always makes mistakes of commission/aggression

53 AAA Josh Unice G Victory Honda 1 6'1 160
Best goaltender prospect by far in St. Cloud, unbelievable hands, star quality, has the ability to get in shooters heads, great down low, great frame, potential superstar, moves puck to defensemen, playing for horrific defensive minor midget team; making some bad decisions; getting worn down and confidence is suffering; struggled with consistency at Prospects; at a crossroads right now

54 AAA Luke Van Moerkerke LC Norwich Jr C 20 6'2 175
Tall and lanky; works well in all three zones; long fluid stride; edges well; involved; plays in all situations; needs to add upper body strength; seems to tire quickly at times on shift; good defensive anticipation; gets his stick in passing lanes; shot needs work

55 AAA Ben Rosen LD Suffolk PAL Jr B 2 5'10 180
Physical, great decisions, good imagination, loves to join rush to create odd man rushes; strong stride and uses edges well; smooth and fluid with good speed; handles puck well but at Northwood Tourney did not assert himself offensively; he's always been better when he is aggressive and forceful in the offensive end; can get overpowered down low in his own end; not playing to his strengths

56 AAA Patrick Daley RW Toronto Marlies 18 6'0 178
Long and lanky, good hands in tight, scores big goals, gets pushed off the puck, needs to get stronger; very good wheels; can hit openings in small spaces; very good down low; smart; driven; getting stronger; smart on-time passes; competes well; using his size better, more willing to pay the price

57 AAA Andrew Margolin G Taft School 1 5'9 145
Excellent glove, handles the puck well, up/down quick, controls rebounds/play, smart; communicates well with his defense; good with the puck, tends to overhandle it at times; calm; good in traffic; strong despite relatively small stature; acrobatic; athletic; master of the pad stack; makes huge saves; flashy but backs it up; great upside

58 AAA Anthony Schooley RW Detroit Honeybaked 10 5'10 160
58 AAA Anthony Schooley RW Detroit Honeybaked 10 5'10 160 Can really dangle; nice burst of speed, great hands, good finisher; going into traffic more consistently; very confident with the puck, wants it; star potential; excellent effort in offensive end; quick stick; great hand-eye; great lateral moves; handles tough passes

59 AAA Trevor Cann G Mississauga Senators 28 6'1 185
Stays up, very solid, challenges; excellent size; tight butterfly; quick legs; stands up to traffic well; very good upside; calm; controls pace; plays angles very well; good attitude/body language after giving up bad 5-hole goal

60 AAA Justin Vaive LW Toronto Marlies 22 6'4 178
Awkward skater, huge frame, gets to the net, strong on the forecheck, heavy footed; great on the wall; never will be a star; has good hands; works hard; will help in many situations; leg strength improving; plugger; very good complementary player with long-term upside; has been offered (and has accepted) a spot on the US NTDP U-17s